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Civil Litigation
Civil litigation refers to the area of law involving relations between private individuals. It also is used to describe law involving relationships among persons and organizations. Civil litigation, in this sense, is usually referring to the use of civil law courts (as opposed to criminal courts) often as a means to engage in disputes involving accidents, torts (such as negligence, libel and other intentional torts), contract disputes, the probate of wills, and trusts, and any other private matters that involve private parties. Non-adherence to civil law is considered to be a tort or breach of contract, rather than a crime.
Commercial Law
Law relating to or connected with trade and traffice or commerce in general.
Elder Law
Estates and Trusts
The interest which any one has in lands, or in any other subject of property. "Estate" is constantly used in conveyances in connection with the words "right," "title," and "interest," and is, in a great degree, synonymous with all of them. In another sense, "estate" designates the property (real or personal) in which one has a right or interest; the subject-matter of ownership.
Family Law
Law that deals with family matters and domestic relations. (divorce, custody, paternity, visitation and parenting time, child support, adoptions, grandparent visitation, Guardian ad Litem, contempt, post divorce disputes, protective orders)
Intervention; the act of a third person who interferes between two contending parties with a view to reconcile them or persuade them to adjust or settle their dispute. This is often done in place of going before a judge.
Personal Injury
Law relating to the proof of wills.
Real Estate
Law relating to the process of taxing or imposing tax.